A Message from the Dean

The Business College is a general undergraduate institution of economics and management sciences. The College strives to train international business talent in practical skills, and has been coming into its own as an internationally-oriented business college.


Hosted the Peer Review Team visit successfully and was awarded initial accreditation By AACSB


SER was accepted by Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC) of AACSB.

Initial Self Evaluation Report(iSER) was accepted by AACSB



To supply future talent for business administration and to advance applied innovation and research, in fulfilling our social responsibilities in regional social and economic development.


To become a business school with extensive international links that is highly regarded by the local business community.


Integrity, to be a business school with high moral standards
Involvement, to be active and connected to local businesses
Professionalism, to be accredited by professional bodies and institutions
Pragmatism, to provide our students with valuable and practical skills